Mahatma Gandhi Aviation Service Enterprises

(Registered with Central & State Governing Body)


At IGI – Training aims to specialize in learning and development at both competence and individual professional levels. Our preparations include completing employment profiles, skills caring clients, aviation, hospitality, travel and tourism sectors, including building and nurturing competitors to look to the vibrant world of the sector. Focuses on the work-related skills required at. Preparation. Training and promotion plans are designed to enable employees to obtain and maintain sufficient levels of training to meet the needs of the organization’s existing and future competencies so that these plans are implemented uninterrupted. Continued efforts are being made. In this way, care is taken to acquire all the knowledge and skills needed to achieve the desired results in the most effective and productive way possible. IGI recognizes training needs in the face of innovative improvements, recognizes organizationally focused needs, and complies with national and international regulations governing its operations. All training is organized with specific end goals to attract candidates and potentially acquire the necessary information, experience, skills, and practices. The preparation framework is used to determine position-based training requirements. Such grids are frequently reviewed and redesigned to meet changing needs and conditions.
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