Mahatma Gandhi Aviation Service Enterprises

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Manpower Services

Mgaviation Services is extensively networked throughout the tourism sector and has strong roots in the areas of aviation, hospitality, travel and tourism, retail and event management. We employ more than 8,000 candidates at various airports in India and abroad, and carry out ground handling activities for domestic and international airlines. Mobile services alone require a myriad of hired employees to meet the requirements of new customers from different industries. Normally, Migration Services always requires about 100 ground personnel specialists. As a corollary to Magaviation Services’ excellent relationships with players in the aviation industry, airlines automatically rely on Mgaviation Services for ground crew needs before disclosing this information. As a result, Mgaviation Services is often the first to hear about these coveted vacancies. This applies to all career opportunities throughout the personnel requirements chess board. We have built a reputation for making niche careers easy and provide bright and competitive talent for the aviation, travel and tourism industries.
IGI Aviation ensures that candidates have the best job opportunities in aviation, hospitality, travel and tourism, retail and event management. Potential candidates are pooled according to our routine of fitting the perfect person to the right job, and according to our workforce plan. When choosing an undergraduate, it is our policy to prioritize all candidates in position opportunities, depending on their individual career path and potential.

What our candidates says ?

I’m Parvesh from Delhi. I have always been fascinated by the aviation industry and wanted to pursue a career in this industry. I dreamed of meeting and interacting with celebrities. At that time, I came across Mgaviation Services. I came here with great expectations, and I successfully embarked on the right path in my career. Not only have I met such talented passengers, but the confidence I have gained and the skills I have honed are unmatched in any other industry. I am very grateful to Mgaviation Services for providing this dream opportunity.